Scheduling Exams at the Test Accommodation Center (TAC)

In this section of SASC Connect, you can schedule your upcoming in-person exams.

For Online Exams that can be taken at home, do NOT schedule your exams through SASC Connect. Please contact your instructors to work on the best solutions to get your accommodations provided for your Online Exams. If your instructor is not able to provide accommodations for your online exams, please have them get in contact with the Test Accommodation Center (

When is your exam/test/quiz taking place?:


NOTE: We highly encourage for students to meet with their instructors before scheduling any exams for the semester. Instructors may have unique instructions for their exams which may be very helpful to know when deciding the best way to accommodate your exams. Example: If the exams are ONLINE and can be taken at home, your instructors may be able to accommodate your exams directly and without the need to schedule your exams at the Test Accommodation Center.